Greetings from the center director

Director, Center for Educational Innovation
Akihide Tada

Nagasaki University established the Education Development Promotion Organization in July 2020, in which the “Center for Educational Innovation ” is positioned as an organization for circulating the PDCA cycle of “educational management”.

In other words, by the Education Improvement / Learning Support Department and Institutional Research on Education, “Survey research on undergraduate education including liberal arts education and advice support on education improvement” “Accumulation and analysis of learning data from admission to graduation and advice support on learning based on it” It has been reborn as a center that supports undergraduate education based on learning data from admission to graduation.

  1. Education improvement / learning support department
    Mainly related to curriculum design of liberal arts education subjects and educational improvement FD in bachelor’s degree program
  2. Institutional Research on Education
    Accumulation and analysis of learning data from admission to graduation, effective policy proposals and advice support for learning

The center will contribute as a think tank for bachelor’s degree education at Nagasaki University.
We sincerely appreciate the understanding and support of everyone inside and outside the university.