Main FD

Guidance for new faculty members

It will be done as FD / SD at the beginning of April.

We will explain to the newly appointed faculty and staff about matters related to education, research, etc. that Nagasaki University is aiming for, and use them for future education, research, etc.

Please join us as it will also be a target for FD participation.

Summer workshop

It is held every year from the end of August to September.

This training is conducted by carefully selecting the content so that it can be used immediately for improving education from the latter half of the year by sharing issues related to liberal arts education and student support at this university.

Although you may be busy, please use this workshop to look back on your daily practice and lead to a more fulfilling university education.

These two are decided every year, but there are also university-wide FD and department FD.

We will inform you about the items sponsored by the Center for Educational Innovation Center on our website or the faculty / staff portal (on-campus only), so please apply if you notice.