Inquiries / Transportation Access

National University Corporation Nagasaki University Bunkyo Campus

Center for Educational Innovation Office

1-14 Bunkyomachi, Nagasaki City, 852-8521

E-mail:Inov_info☆ (Please change ☆ to @ and send.)

Traffic access

From JR Nagasaki Station

Road train “Nagasaki station square” → (for Akasako) → get off at “Nagasaki University square”
Nagasaki Bus “Nagasaki Ekimae” → (No. 1 system “Mizokawa”, “Uwatoko”, “Uwatoko”) → Get off at “Nagasaki University Mae”

From JR Urakami Station

Tram “Urakami station square” → (for Akasako) → get off at “Nagasaki University square”
Nagasaki Bus “Urakami Station” → (No. 1 system “Mizokawa”, “Uwatoko”, “Kamiyokoo”) → Get off at “Nagasaki University”

From Nagasaki Airport

Prefectural bus “Nagasaki Airport No. 4 platform” → (bound for Nagasaki via Showamachi / Urakami) → get off at “Chodai Urakami-mae” → walk

To all who come by car

From October 1, 2018, an entrance fee of 300 yen will be required in principle.
Please enter from the main gate and follow the prescribed procedures at the guard room.
Those who come by taxi are exempt from the entrance fee, so you can enter as it is.

Campus information

[Directions to Center for Educational Innovation Office]

Go straight on the passage on the right side of the main gate, and after passing the entrance examination section, the secretariat, and the library building on your right.
It is a crossroads, with the statue of a woman in front of you and the Faculty of Education building in front of you on the right.
Enter the Faculty of Education on the right side, open the automatic door on the left, and the reception is on the right side of the red sign on the ceiling (Center for Educational Innovation office).

List of maps

1. Clock Tower and Mural
2. Whale Cannon
3. Statue of Youth
4. Global Education and Student Support Center Bunkyo Sky Hall
5. NAGASAKI SOGAKUDO(Music Building 1F)
6. Library Gallery
7. Statue of Honorary Doctor Osamu Shimomura
8. Medicinal Plant Garden
9. History Museum of Medicine
10. Fisheries Science Museum
11. Cenotaph for A-Bomb Victims
12. Monument to the Mitsubishi Weapons Factory
13. Omoyai Square and Biotope
14. Chionanthus Retusus
15. Art and Tech Exhibition Lab SOSOKAN
16. Statue: In the wind~Dream of Tomorrow~