Required Student Survey

The learning status report will be conducted by questionnaire.

The entrance survey is scheduled for April of the first year, the year-end survey is scheduled for February to March at the end of each academic year, and the graduation survey is scheduled for January to March at the end of the graduation year. We will contact you at the email address registered with the university when you report.

Please answer from the “Questionnaire” on the NU-Web.

Contents of Required Student Survey

  1. High school learning experience
  2. Basic matters (commuting time, financial situation, etc.)
  3. Learning behavior (study time outside class, travel experience, qualifications / licenses, etc.)
  4. Self-assessment of ability
  5. Satisfaction level
  6. Career hope, job hunting status
  7. Opinions and evaluations of the university

Some of the results (other than non-disclosure items) will be accumulated in the portfolio and will be used as a reference for mentor faculty members and academic advisors of each faculty / department to give advice on how to study in the future.

In addition, by having students evaluate the overall university education, curriculum, and learning support, it will be useful for improving the university as a whole. After concealing the aggregated results and the opinions written in the free description, we will inform each faculty / department, office work, etc. and encourage improvement.