Education at Nagasaki University

Educational Philosophy and Outline of Nagasaki University

Nagasaki city is an international city, which has played a pioneering role in multicultural exchange as a Japan’s window to the world, and is a city of peace that has proclaimed permanent peace for the world based on the experience of being exposed to radiation. As a university located in this city, Nagasaki University has inherited its historical spirit of blending and harmony, and creative thinking and peace seeking, and has strived to raise the level of its education and research. We aim to continue to be a base for the disseminating information to the world by fostering talented individuals who can contribute to the creation of new knowledge and the harmonious development of society. In order to achieve this goal, we will provide a bachelor’s degree education based on the following three policies: admission policy, curriculum policy, and diploma policy.

Three policies common to the bachelor’s degree education
Three policies by undergraduate and graduate school