The syllabus has a lesson plan based on the university’s diploma policy.

At Nagasaki University, you will earn the credits required for a four- to six-year educational program, and in addition,

    1. You can learn, think, insist, and act on your own.
    2. Acquire general-purpose skills that can be utilized across fields and areas.
    3. Acquire basic knowledge and skills as a professional and researcher, and acquire a high sense of ethics.
    4. Understand the diversity of the global environment and society.
    5. You can collaborate with others with independence.
    6. Acquire a global perspective that contributes to the local community and future generations.
    7. (Nagasaki University Diploma Policy)

A degree (Bachelor’s degree) is to be awarded to those who are recognized as having a degree.

First of all, to find out what kind of abilities and attitudes you can acquire in each class, please check “Ability that you want to acquire through this class, in addition to knowledge and skills” of the syllabus.

It is clearly stated which of the seven items of independence, general-purpose ability, ethics, understanding of diversity, cooperation, ability to exchange ideas, and interest in international and local communities should be acquired. I am.