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Request to submit Required Student Survey

At Nagasaki University, all undergraduate and graduate students are required to submit a student survey about your academic progress at the end of each academic year.

By doing so, you will be able to reflect on your own learning situation, which will lead to better learning in the next year and beyond, and will also be useful for improving education at Nagasaki University.
Please be sure to submit this form.

For graduating students, we would appreciate your opinions for the future of Nagasaki University and its junior students.

* Purpose of the survey
1. For your own reflection on your learning for this academic year and re-planning of your learning for the next academic year.
2. For getting sound advice on your learning and future prospects from your advisor based on part of your responses.
3. Based on your responses, Nagasaki University will review and improve the curriculum, course contents, economic assistance, career support, and so on.

* Due date: February 28, 2022
* Survey is available in NU-Web> Questionnaire> General Questionnaire> Student Survey
* Please answer either English or Japanese version, but not both. Questionnaire items are same.

* Note: Note:
1. Part of your responses except Non-Disclosure question items will be provided to the Dean and your advisor with the mean of your graduate school for giving advice on your learning and future prospects.
2. Regarding Non-Disclosure question items, Nagasaki University will carefully utilize them for education improvement.
3. Skip any questions you do not want to answer.
4. Please be sure to submit your responses.


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