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(For new students in 2020) Request for submission of Required Student Survey

Congratulations on your admission.

At Nagasaki University, all undergraduate students are required to submit a Required Student Survey at the time of admission. By doing this, I will look back on my own learning situation, have it lead to better learning from the next year onward, and use it to improve education at Nagasaki University. Please be sure to submit it.


Your Required Student Survey ( items other than “non-disclosure” items) will be uploaded to the study portfolio along with the average value for each faculty / department, so please use it to reflect on your own study. In addition, these items will be disclosed to the heads of each faculty / department and your mentor faculty member (supervisor), so you can get advice.


◆ Purpose

1. We ask the students themselves to reflect on the learning situation of the year and lead to better learning in the next year.

2. We will provide an opportunity to obtain advice from mentor faculty members (supervisors) of each faculty / department regarding your learning situation and career prospects.

3. Based on your reports, we will reexamine the curriculum and class contents of Nagasaki University, financial support, career support, etc., and lead to improvements.


◆ Report deadline: Friday, May 13, 2022

◆ Submission location: NU-Web > General questionnaire > Required Student Survey (new students)



◆ Contents: Pre-enrollment situation, commuting method, living style, financial situation, free description, etc.


◆ Note

1. 1. Your answers other than the “non-disclosure” item will be disclosed to the mentor teacher (supervisor) on the portfolio and will be used as a reference when giving advice.

2. 2. We will treat “non-disclosure” items carefully and use them as a reference for your support and improvement of education at Nagasaki University.

3. 3. You don’t have to answer the questions you don’t want to answer.

4. Please be sure to submit any unanswered questions.


[Contact for inquiries regarding this matter]

Nagasaki University Center for Educational Innovation

TEL: 095-819-2207



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