About implementation of Course Review (old class questionnaire) related to the first quarter subject (request)

To all faculty members, First Quarter Course Directors, About implementation of Course Review (old class questionnaire) related to the first quarter subject (request) Thank you for your cooperation in managing the course review. We will conduct the “Course Review” in all classes in this first quarter, so please look at the instruction below, and ask your students in person or in online classes to answer the “Course Review.” The name of the “Class Questionnaire” has been changed to “Course Review” since the 2022 academic year. There is no change in the response period for students, but there has been a […]

(2022) About holding guidance for newly appointed faculty members of Nagasaki University

March 28, 4th year of Reiwa To all faculty and staff Personnel Section, Administration Department Education Development Promotion Organization   About holding guidance for new faculty members of Nagasaki University We would like to inform you that the event will be held as follows. Please apply from the URL below. Record 1. Purpose: To the faculty members who were newly assigned to Nagasaki University in April 2022, we will explain the matters related to education, research, etc. that Nagasaki University is aiming for, and use them for future education, research, etc. 2. Target: Faculty and staff newly assigned to […]

About the 220th Nagasaki University FD “About the status of educational management efforts at Kyushu University”

1. 1. Effect Today’s university education is based on the Central Education Council’s “Grand Design of Higher Education for 2040 (Report)” and the “Academic Management Guidelines” for its realization. It is essential to establish academic management to realize the quality assurance and improvement of the quality of education that is autonomous and sustainable in the “conversion” and the degree program. Under these circumstances, Kyushu University has formulated the “Kyushu University Academic Management Framework” as a guideline for efforts to improve the quality of education based on the 3rd Medium-term Goals and Medium-term Plans. This time, we would like to introduce […]

Request to submit Required Student Survey

At Nagasaki University, all undergraduate and graduate students are required to submit a student survey about your academic progress at the end of each academic year. By doing so, you will be able to reflect on your own learning situation, which will lead to better learning in the next year and beyond, and will also be useful for improving education at Nagasaki University. Please be sure to submit this form. For graduating students, we would appreciate your opinions for the future of Nagasaki University and its junior students. * Purpose of the survey 1. For your own reflection on your […]

About the 219th Nagasaki University FD “Creation of Multimedia Test Questions”

1. 1. Overview: Online education in foreign language education is required not only to improve educational methods but also to evaluate educational effects. In this FD, Mr. Junko Takekabe of Chiba University was invited as a lecturer to improve the efficiency of creating, tabulating, and analyzing advanced multimedia tests using test creation software (THINQ Xe) in a hands-on manner. Have it implemented. 2. 2. Target: All teachers in charge of liberal arts education foreign language courses (English / beginner foreign language) in 2022 and teachers who are interested in creating online tests 3. 3. Date and time: February 18, 4th […]

2021 Nagasaki University FD Summer Workshop Program (Notice)

1. 1. Effect Share issues related to liberal arts education and student support at our university, and improve education from the second half of the year. This training is conducted by carefully selecting the content so that it can be used immediately. I know you’re busy However, in order to look back on our daily practices and lead to a more fulfilling university education, Please use this workshop. 2. 2. Target: All faculty and staff (including part-time staff) 3. 3. Period: Attachment “2021  Nagasaki University FD Summer Workshop Program” As (the bottom deficit) 4. Program structure: Same as above 5. […]

About the 216th Nagasaki University FD “About the utilization of Edge Analytics Appliance for classes”

To all faculty and staff Center for Educational Innovation, University About the holding of the 216th Nagasaki University FD “Utilization of Edge Analytics Appliance for classes” (Notice) We would like to inform you that the title FD will be held as follows. We look forward to your participation. Record 1. Purpose: Video processing technology equipped with AI for the purpose of further improving students’ understanding and satisfaction and realizing high-quality education while online classes using the video conference system are being held in COVID19. We have introduced a lecture recording system in one classroom. This FD is an opportunity to […]